söndag 13 oktober 2013

Notes from the North: Breather

Welcome. Over the years I’ve written many, what I see as, gainfully halfbaked essays and inlets about Nordic themes. After I ended the blog’s first year-long task, I wrote less often and now I don’t know if or when I’ll make time to stick to it, as I’ve gone on to other things. However, Notes from the North does live on under the name “Northern Notes” at the 140-character social reformatory known as Twitter.
Someday a leatherbound book will be published with select entries from this blog (most of those entries are no longer found online for reasons explained in an earlier post). If I do not write more here, you might find me behind a possible blog about the ideology and history of Swedish royalty, which ties into my next novel.

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Image: Ut i vida världen (Into the Wide World, 1907) John Bauer

torsdag 17 januari 2013

Eat Sleep Die

(Swedish film from 2012, Äta sova dö)

I’ve now seen this film (with an audience filled with people who are the oppressors as represented in the film—good I suppose that the audience laughs at itself).

IMDB describes the film:

A young Eastern European immigrant, working in Sweden, is faced with a painful choice when she’s laid off from her factory in the name of efficiencies.
She came to Sweden when she was one year old. Being a one year old she didn't migrate, but rather was migrated to Sweden. She speaks fluent Swedish, went to Swedish schooling and is cuturally and nationally a Swede with a fading background in former Yugoslavia.

Here, in the description, I see both Swedish hegemony (even if it is “well-meaning”) and Swenglish shining through.

Note: “invandrare” does not equal “immigrant”. (Also note that the English subtitles were sketchy.)

Note: May post more on this troubling issue soon.

Note: According to the newspaper SvD I have no heart [“Känner man inte i samma stund kniven skära ut ur duken och in i hjärtat – då har man inget.”].

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torsdag 10 januari 2013

Bestsellerism: Perversion Driven by Self-Hate

Seeing which books are on the Swedish bestseller-list this week, one can’t overlook how perverted the Swedish readership is.

How obedient Swedish book-buyers are.

How empty-headed, envious, gluttonous, guilty, murderous and prideful they are.

How dutifully these soldiers of literature bend to the PR-mechanisms that engineer bestsellers.

All the seven deadly sins are represented in the list, not in the books themselves, but in the reading and purchasing of them: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride. Not that I’m promoting a religious stance, but a society entering its excesses without knowing its limits, I think, is unwise.

Look at the list. This is what consumes the minds of the “general readership”:

Starting at the top we see that Swedes foremost feel sexually dissatisfied. Daily being told they must enjoy sex as if it were a well-known soft drink, they seek the sex they believe they should enjoy and have come to crave like any addictive, artificial sweetener. For this reason, three books by E L James crown the list.

After their hedonistic juices get flowing, Swedes buy several cookbooks about buttery, fatty, sugary stuff to bake.

But they soon feel guilty, so they buy a few books about getting their “dream-body” and how to diet and exercise right. Just like they do in that blessed land on the other side of the Pond.

All this physical effort’s followed by a “journey inward”, namely, a tracer of New Age psychology, urging the stressed and mindless reader of bestsellers to slow down and get mindful.

Naturally this only leads to overwhelming anxiety: the realization that you are focusing too much on yourself.

So the next three books Swedes pick up are 1) a story about how gays have it tough, 2) a book about poor black people and 3) a book about all those stuck at dead-end-jobs in the public sphere and who have no energy to read E L James, no money to whiten their teeth, no time to go to the gym.

Thereafter follows a last social reality-check: The Swedish reader picks up a communist-inspired comic-book to ease their guilt stemming from consuming so much to begin with.

After this melodramatic outpour of virtual philanthropy, Swedes binge on daft crime novels. And who wouldn’t at this point? After this dopey fluttering from one overwrought but suppressed emotion to the next, by smothering one’s insights and substituting them with inane commodities, who wouldn’t feel homicidal urges surfacing?

I have readers that complain about politics, that talk of revolution, that have hope in humanity, but when I look at that the Swedish bestseller reading list I know what there is to know about the silent Swedish majority, about man on Earth, about where this civilization is headed.