fredag 10 februari 2012

Swedish for Existentialists - Lesson 4

Today I'll teach you two sayings. In the next few days I'll follow up on the thread with a third. Until then:

1. Det här är alltså mitt liv.
IPA - dɛ hɛːr eː 'alsoː mɪt li:v

So this is my life.

2. Så det är så här livet ser ut.
IPA - So: deː eː so: hɛːr li:vɛt se:r ʉːt.

Literally: So this is what life looks like.

Or as one is more likely to say: So this is life. Or: So this is what life is.

Painting: Aften. Den gamle kone og døden (1887), by the Dane, Laurits Andersen Ring.

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