söndag 13 oktober 2013

Notes from the North: Breather

Welcome. Over the years I’ve written many, what I see as, gainfully halfbaked essays and inlets about Nordic themes. After I ended the blog’s first year-long task, I wrote less often and now I don’t know if or when I’ll make time to stick to it, as I’ve gone on to other things. However, Notes from the North does live on under the name “Northern Notes” at the 140-character social reformatory known as Twitter.
Someday a leatherbound book will be published with select entries from this blog (most of those entries are no longer found online for reasons explained in an earlier post). If I do not write more here, you might find me behind a possible blog about the ideology and history of Swedish royalty, which ties into my next novel.

If you've liked my writing or for some other end would like to tip me, I welcome Bitcoin here: 13rG9r5FZiJN5mdVCHsYWVgaHbFDxS3xAG .

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Image: Ut i vida världen (Into the Wide World, 1907) John Bauer

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sweffling sa...

OK. Thanks for the posts! Hope we meet again some time in cyberspace. Happy 2014:)